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How to maintain competences efficiently?

Today anyone who works in the airport operations or logistics must be trained according to their job function. With our complete online training service our clients can efficiently and flexibly train their staff and maintain competences required by clients and authorities.

We offer online courses, automated certificate issuance and complete training records. If you like, our courses can also be used as part of traditional classroom training where qualified instructor run the courses.

Our training content complies with international training requirements established by governing bodies, such as the ICAO and IATA.

I think you’ll find…

We have issued over 40.000 course certificates globally. Today we offer different language versions including English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Finnish. And more to come soon.

We have developed a comprehensive set of online courses together with our airline and ground handling clients and I think you’ll find something interesting from our offering.

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Container Inspection in 60 seconds video released for global distribution

Airport College International and ULD CARE have launched a new video for the air cargo industry, Container Inspection in 60 seconds.

This video is the first one created jointly with Airport College International, ULD CARE and Finnair Cargo. The video is available on Youtube.


“This is the first video of the series of videos for ULD inspection, and we want to provide it to the industry for free,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero. “Aviation safety regulations require every ULD to be inspected before use and this video reminds what needs to be checked before loading cargo, mail or baggage into a container.”

“It does not take too long to inspect a container” is our message to operational staff when preparing ULDs to the flight,” says ULD CARE Vice President Bob Rogers. “For this reason ULD CARE and Airport College International, in association with Finnair Cargo, have created this easy to access, simple video.”

Just like any other aircraft component, Unit Load Devices (ULD’s) are regulated to ensure flight safety under all circumstances

These rules are defined by governing bodies such as ICAO and IATA and put into national legislation by each national Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

All operational personnel must be trained

ULD operations training must be provided to all persons involved in ULD operations, regardless of their being employed by the carrier or a non-airline organization such as ground service providers, freight forwarders or shippers/consignees, ground transportation service providers (e.g. trucking companies) or ULD leasing/rental service providers.

We can help you in training

We at can help airlines, ground handling agents and logistic companies to meet trainings standards in ULD handling with our cost effective ULD Handling e-Learning course and videos.

We know what it takes to provide required training, just contact us to hear how we will provide training for you.

Pertti Mero

Significant Changes to the 60th DGR edition (2019)

The 60th edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations incorporates all amendments made by the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel in developing the content of the 2019–2020 edition of the ICAO Technical Instructions as well as changes adopted by the IATA Dangerous Goods Board.

IATA’s Dave Brennan, Assistant Director, provides an overview of the significant changes and amendments being brought to the 60th edition of the DGR.

The following list is intended to assist the user to identify the main changes introduced in this edition and must not be considered an exhaustive listing. The changes have been prefaced by the section or subsection in which the change occurs.



Airport College International K.K. joins Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ)

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan promotes trade and economic exchange between Japan and Finland

“We are pleased to welcome Airport College International K.K. to our organization and we will support them in expanding their business in Japan through our network and with our services,” notes Clas Bystedt, Executive Director of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ).

“The FCCJ prides itself on having almost all Finnish companies in Japan as members. This also gives more leverage to us in promoting the business interest in Japan,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero”

There are a couple of exciting years for Finland in Japan

In 2019 we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan when there will be a wide variety of events promoting Finnish business and culture. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics provide another opportunity to highlight Finnish companies in Japan through a large scale pavilion in the planning.

About FCCJ

The Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established on 26 of April 1999 and was approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Japan on 19 July 1999. The main purpose of FCCJ is to promote trade and economic exchange between Japan and Finland.

FCCJ is a non-profit organization operated by annual membership fees and proceeds from advertising related to the publishing activities.

The main part of the membership corps consists of Finnish companies established in Japan and Japanese companies having, or aiming at business operations with Finland. The Chamber has currently 62 corporate, two special and 20 individual members.

Airport College International opens a new office in Tokyo


Helsinki, Finland – Airport College International Ltd. is excited to announce that we have registered Airport College International K.K. in Japan and opened a new office in Tokyo.

“Over the last few years, we have built closer relationships with our Japanese clients and now it’s time have a stronger presence in Japan. Launching a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK = Ltd.) in Japan offers us an opportunity to further strengthen our partnerships with our online services for recruitment, training and safety reporting,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero.

The office, led by our Head of Operations, Japan, Mr. Takeshi Yokoyama, will serve the company’s growing client base in Japan. “We thank our Japanese clients for helping us to take this important step and we are excited to take our online services to the next level with our Japanese clients,” says Airport College International, Takeshi Yokoyama.

The new office is situated in the centre of Tokyo, on the 3rd floor of the Placeo Aoyama Building, in Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

About Airport College International is a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics. With our training service our clients can train their staff efficiently and flexibly and maintain competences required by authorities. Airport College International is a strategic partner of IATA. Media Desk
+358-50-392 7447, media(at)

eLearning is good for the environment

Online eLearning is an effective way to reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint. A study by Britain’s Open University found that producing and providing e-learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional classroom courses.

Online training cuts down on travel, eliminates the need for paper, and reduces the resources needed to maintain a facility, accommodation and equipment.

eLearning simply eliminates the need to travel for both instructors and students

The cost reduction in expenses and a little help for the environment go hand in hand together, and will bring environmental and monetary benefits to your organisation.

When well-designed online training is used, the training related saving potential is huge: up to 80%, as we have stated earlier.

When combining these benefits together, the positive impact is compelling and powerful. It helps organisations increase efficiency, greatly reduces costs and can be linked to your organisations corporate image.

eLearning can produce great results

We can help you achieve your goals and at the same time help the environment, your people – and save money and time.

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Are you prepared to tackle upcoming challenges?

Finding, retaining and developing suitable employees is a central concern for the aviation industry. Read this blog and learn what challenges the aviation sector is facing in the near future and what solutions are available.

IATA conducted a global survey of over 100 leading HR professionals at airlines, airports and ground handling service providers.

They listed 5 key topics you need to know:

1. Significant growth in jobs is forecast

Three job roles with the highest anticipated growth are:

  1. Ground operations
  2. Customer service
  3. Cabin crew

2. Finding new employees is a much bigger challenge than dealing with retirements

Recruitment of new employees is the biggest challenge the aviation industry faces.

3. Current training initiatives are not effective enough

The quality of training programmes is not satisfactory. Organisations are looking for help from external partners to improve the training.

4. Providing training in safety and customer service skills are higher priorities than IT and digital skills

Safety and customer service skills have critical importance and training staff to master these skills is a top priority.

5. Technology is changing the customer service role

Traditional customer service roles need to be evolved to deliver a smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable experience throughout the entire passenger journey.

Our online Recruitment and Training services were designed to address these issues. We can help your company overcome upcoming challenges in competence acquisition, training and performance management.

Please drop me an email to discuss more.

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Tackle your labour and skills shortages with us!

This week we met several industry players in Japan and Korea and wanted to share these news items with you, too.

According to industry studies and interviews, airlines, ground handling agents and forwarding agents have three major challenges globally:

  1. The labour shortage
  2. The skills shortage
  3. Too many incidents

These key findings are also valid in Japan and Korea.

The good news is, that we have three online solutions to tackle these challenges.

  1. Employee Recruiting Tool
  2. eLearning Training Courses
  3. SMS Reporting System

We can help your company to find a workforce, and train personnel to work properly and comply with safety management system requirements.

We at Airport College are actively looking for new clients and would like to provide you with our solutions for tackling these industry-wide challenges.

Download our summary slides and learn more.

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ULD eLearning to enhance safety

Just like any other aircraft component, Unit Load Devices (ULD’s) are regulated to ensure flight safety under all circumstances.

These rules are defined by governing bodies such as ICAO and IATA and put into national legislation by each national Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Operational personnel must be trained

Operational personnel directly involved in ULD operations are required to be trained regularly on topics relevant to their job tasks and responsibilities.

When you need to describe how a Unit Load Device (ULD) is loaded, just jump to the “Building A Pallet in 60 seconds” video. For your information, this video is used by FAA for their training in the USA.

We will provide more tools for operational people

In the coming days we will launch our new video “ULD inspection in 60 seconds”, which we have created together with ULD Care and Finnair Cargo.

We can help you in training

We at can help airlines, ground handling agents and logistic companies to meet ULD handling training standards with our cost effective ULD Handling e-Learning course.

We know what it takes to provide required training, just contact us to hear how we will provide training for you.

Pertti Mero